Make a Difference Dingley Village Inc. (MADDV) is pleased to receive both corporate and private partnership that is beneficial to both organisations.

Please contact the office by phone or by email to discuss partnerships.

Make a Difference is indeed fortunate to have many individuals and organisations supportive of our work. We believe that our name says it all – we indeed make a difference in the lives of many experiencing poverty and disadvantage.

The Bendigo Bank Community Bank in Dingley Village is both a friend and supporter.  We thank the Directors of the Bank and their customers who recognise our work.  We were pleased to join the group of grantees at a recent Bank meeting.

  • City of Kingston
  • Besen Family Foundation
  • Buxton – Nathan Arrowsmith
  • Thomas Charitable Trust
  • Collier Charitable Trust
  • Albert and Barbara Tucker Foundation
  • Bendigo Bank Community Bank Dingley Village
  • City of Kingston Community Grant
  • Dandenong Court Fund
  • Sisters of Charity Foundation
  • Freemasons Foundation
  • Besen Foundation
  • William Buckland Foundation
  • Andrews Foundation
  • Harold Mitchell Foundation
  • Kingston Charitable Trust
  • Harris Family Foundation