The following resources are available from our office:

Dealing with Separation – DVD
Enough – family violence, Victoria has had enough – DVD
A kid’s guide to changing families – DVD
How to raise well adjusted boys – DVD
Dingley Village CAB – Daniel’s Story – DVD
Take control – Power of Attorney – DVD
Taking the first steps – key to living together – DVD
Instant families – DVD
Then there were three – DVD
Me and my kids – parenting at a distance – booklet
Kids need dads who—- – pamphlet
Why my child won’t do as I say (Michael Grose) – CD
How to raise fantastic kids (Michael Grose) – CD
Dads make a difference – Pamphlet
Absent from school – Leaflet
Drugs – Leaflet on many different sorts of individual drugs
Problem solving – Leaflet
Bullying – Leaflet
Step families – Pamphlet
Stealing – hand out
Crying – hand out
Hurting others – hand out
Ages and stages – a closer look – hand out
Seven steps to saving your relationship – hand out
Relationship test – hand out

We have many more pamphlets available ring us to see if we have something to help or refer you to.