Two Words a Parent doesn’t want to hear….I’m hungry

As parents there is nothing better than preparing a home cooked meal that you know will nourish your family and help them grow.
But what if you have no food, and your child says “I’m Hungry?”
How do you explain that all that week’s income has gone on rent and utility bills leaving little left for food. It is a situation no parent wishes to face, but is becoming an everyday reality to more and more families on welfare payments.
A family of 2 adults and 1 child receiving maximum Centrelink benefits is $682.89 while the poverty line is $821.22 – (Sources: Melbourne Institute, Poverty Lines: Australia; ABS, Consumer Price Index (Cat. No. 6401.0), March 2017)
A single adult with one child receiving maximum Centrelink benefits is $600.37 while the poverty line is $558.96.
Clients that approach our agency state “every day is a struggle, we dread the next bill arriving, and having to choose who will skip a meal so the children can eat”. We help with food parcels and payments toward utility bills.
The story is all too common. In Australia, 1 in 5 children go to school or go to bed hungry. It’s impossible to reconcile that we waste over $8 billion worth of fresh food every year yet our children go hungry every day. With the help of Secondbite and Foodbank Victoria we help distribute rescued food to our clients that would otherwise be sent to the tip.
Every donation we receive through our Web Site ( and GIVER APP ( goes to help families in need through our emergency relief program. So you too can “Make a Difference” in the lives of someone.