“I just want to go to school”

“I just want to go to school” says Rachael.
But recent statistics tells us that 1 in 5 children go to school hungry. Teachers are increasingly concerned their students are skipping breakfast, leaving them unable to properly focus on lessons.
The consequences of children coming to school without a nutritious breakfast are significant, with teachers estimating they lose more than 2 hours of learning time every time they come to school hungry.
Children’s brains require morning energy in the form of glucose and things like breakfast cereals, grainy breads, fruit and milk.
At Make A Difference Dingley Village we supply breakfast packs with these items, but they are needed regularly. A “Breakfast Pack” costs on average $20.
We regularly fundraise and ask for help in the local community with “Drives” of long life milk or cans of soup. But also request donations via our webpage or a regular contribution through the Giver app.
Please help us help the families who approach our agency by going to our Donation page and Make a difference in the lives of families in need.