Homeless- What a Terrible word!

Vital signs—more than 18,500 people are estimated to be homeless in Melbourne.

– 1 in 5 spend more than 30% on housing.

– Housing affordability stress is particularly acute for private renters, single person house holds and low-income home purchasers.


Homelessness can happen for a number of reasons.  We know that family violence, and shortage of affordable housing, unemployment, mental illness, family breakdown, and drug and alcohol abuse are all reasons as to why someone may become homeless.

At “Make a Difference “ we see many who are homeless, and we must be aware of what we can do to assist, and other avenues of support in the community.

We know about Back pack beds.  We purchase “swags for the homeless” at $95 each.

We know about the mobile shower van, operated by One Voice.

We know about “The Emergency Accommodation phone line”.

We recently took a homeless young person to Bunnings, and bought for them a tent, sleeping bag and torch and cooking stove.  His plan was to visit parks he knew and stay a while.

We often provide fuel for some sleeping in cars with no funds to move on.

When we remind you we are called “Make a Difference:.


We hope you see what we mean!