Homelessness, poverty and hunger do not have a postcode.


There are no homeless, poor or hungry people in Dingley Village! It’s not our problem!

Wrong! – We open our doors every day at the Neighbourhood Centre to many in need including the homeless, women and families and distress, the hungry and those living “below the poverty line”.  We help by providing vouchers to pay for essential services, provide emergency food and supplies, counselling and advice from expert practitioners and social workers and support with emergency accommodation.

Many are on social security payments including the Age Pension, Parenting Payment and Disability Support Pensions but they can’t make ends meet and need emergency relief and on-going support from agencies like ours in order to stay housed, clothed and fed.

Where are these people? I don’t see them!

 We proudly help people who live here in Dingley Village and the surrounding region.

Over 500,000 Victorians live below the poverty line. In our area that can include a person who might be your neighbour, a family living in a rented house or caravan, a man or woman living in car, a young person moving from house to house with no fixed place to stay. Hunger and homelessness is not always evident.

People who are facing challenges don’t like to advertise that they are. When they hear of us they quietly seek us out or we seek them out and ask if they want support.

Isn’t all that that just a short-term solution? It doesn’t change anything does it?

 If you want your children to have dinner or a breakfast or to have shoes for school or perhaps you have had a number of operations and you cannot pay the electricity bill this month or you don’t know how to manage your budget or … you are desperate.

Often the people we help find it difficult to speak about their problems. We are well placed to be able to connect with those in need and that allows us to provide better support and services, where necessary in close collaboration with other agencies.



You can be a part of this. Together we can make a difference to help others in need.