In the beautiful production “The Lion King” characters Timon and Pumbaa sing to us “Hakuna Ma- taha” This is similar to the English phrase “no problems”.

We believe that we there are “no problems” at Make A Difference, as we operate with staff and volunteers, to assist hundreds of vulnerable and marginalised Australians.

Continued uncertainty over the Federals Government’s funding cuts, is impacting on community organisations across the country. This is frustrating many organisations across the country, and putting at risk services that support tens of thousands of Australians.

These $1 Billion national funding cuts to community services are devastating, to the critical support provided to Australia’s most vulnerable people and communities.

Supports, including emergency relief, community mental health, legal advice, and prevention and early intervention have all been hit by funding cuts.

The development of policy and reforms to address the pressing needs of people facing poverty and equality and to advocate for them have also been cut.

This sector contributes 5% to national GDP and employs more than 8% of Australia’s work force.

Funding Cuts Include:
$500M over 5 years for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders Community Services $270M over 4 years for Social Services and a freeze on indexation of sector funding $15M in cuts to legal aid & Community Legal Centres
Foreshadowed cuts of $197m over 3 years from Health

At “Make A Difference” we can still say “Hakuna Matata”

With support from our volunteers, local government and the world of philanthropy we will continue to MAKE A DIFFERENCE